MD from UNAM and Doctor in Ayurveda from SAI Ayurvedic College with studies in USA and India. Expert in Ayurveda, Ayurveda Psicology, Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness, Spiritual yoga and Personal Development.

With more than 25 years of experience in integrative medicine he practiced medicine in Miami and Mexico, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Ayurveda, member of the Board of Directors of the Program for the Study of Spirituality, at Florida International University—FIU, this program was created directly by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Faithful believer of community service provided his collaboration and work in the CDMX, creating among others a Service for Primary Health Care, for those people not covered by social security. He organized campaigns in Durango and Chiapas to provide surgeries and care for patients with congenital malformations, in Indigenous communities with limited resources, receiving recognition by the Government of both entities for their humanitarian work. A dedicated collaborator in associations against addictions and anti bullying, also to prevent crime and violence in adolescence and in 2011 he received another recognition from the Miami Dade County Department of Education for Community Service, also by the 2506 Brigade for his support for senior citizens in the city of Miami.

Since 2000 discovered his passion for sharing his knowledge and experiences and has participated in numerous professional and academic seminars and conferences as well as for the community in general, in matters of personal development, communication skills and personal care of integral health since Ayurvedic perspective, nutrition and complementary treatments for people with emotional disorders, chronic diseases. Also to achieve healthy relationships, empowerment through mindfulness and meditation. Expert in models of wellness in the workplace and the use of Ayurveda to find wellness and balance in life, among others. For 2 years he was in direct contact with the public through his radio program “Straight Talk with Dr. Waldo” in the city of Miami, and in multiple interviews through this medium, he also participated as a guest expert on health in Mexico City on the program Punto y Coma on TV Azteca.

Author of the book Insight for life, the Prosperity Revolution ©, that arises from the desire to see a better and more equitable world become reality to anyone who wants it. It tells us about integral health, wealth and prosperity for individuals and the community. He also collaborated in the book Mexican Clinics of Internal Medicine at the University of La Salle in Mexico, with chapters on the causes of obesity and its treatments.

For 3 years he participated as a member of the Miami Dade County Board of Directors for Hispanic affairs and as Director of Consular Relations Board, this project was created by Dr. Waldo in order to seek a plural dialogue between the Hispanic and Caribbean consulates in Miami Dade County, for the wellness of the citizens they represent. Professional Member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association), Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine and in the Consejo Nacional de Medicina Mexico. Founder and promoter of The Prosperity Revolution®, which through various programs of his own and others, as well as the promotion of conscience and compassion, seeks to bring more and better resources of life and wellness to a sector wider of the world population. Seeking to make it happen with a model of collaboration at all socioeconomic levels.

Founder and CEO of Together We Can Initiative, an initiative that provides psychological and social support to people in Miami Dade County and South Florida, certified by the Vocational Rehabilitation Division of the Florida State Department of Education in the USA.

Co-Founder and Director of Bliss and Light Ayurveda Wellness Center, a space specialized in the wellness and balance of people through Ayurvedic medicine, Mindfulness, meditation and empowerment education. This center has representation in the cities of Miami Florida USA and Mérida Yucatán, Mexico.

Dr. Waldo, is a strong proponent of meditation, as long as it is learned from a respectable source, properly trained, and managed. Among the various modalities of meditation that Dr. Waldo teaches and trains, is the use of Mantras, either in Japa, which is a silent or quiet recitation, and sung recitations, particularly in Kirtan form. The Kirtan is a community recitation of sung mantras.